What does membership include for you?

  • – Experienced and trained coaches with decades of experience in high level athletic programs.
  • – Access to different training facilities at a variety of locations in Stratford and St. Marys.
  • – Club T-shirt.  After all, we are excited to be Sabrecats, so we wear it proudly!
  • – Custom club clothing orders.
  • – A variety of competitive experiences depending on your goals and skill level.
  • – Competitive memberships have ALL meet entries covered by the club.
  • – A new athletic family to improve and excel with!

We offer a choice between two programs.  

1) Our Recreational Membership offers training that focuses on building skill, being active and healthy, and gaining confidence in oneself.  

2) Our Competitive Program offers athletes a path towards competitive experiences, challenging each individual to set lofty goals, to work hard and to push themselves against the best in the province. 

We then also have choices in terms of what our athletes wish to train for.  We have our Development Group that gives kids from ages 6-9 experience in all aspects of track and field.  We also have different event groups, and encourage our younger members to try out several groups until they have chosen a specialization, which should happen once they have a lot of experiences in a variety of track and field disciplines.

Please use the following link, to register for the Stratford Sabrecats Track Club.  As always, if you have questions, contact us.

A couple of important notes:

There is the choice between a Recreational and a Competitive membership.  It is your choice.  We will have several competitions available to competitive athletes this year.   If you choose Recreational at this time, you can upgrade to a Competitive at a later time.  It is up to you which you choose at this time.


Before submitting your online Registration, please read the following information:


AO General Code of Conduct – General-Code-of-Conduct-Policy-Final-28June2019

ROWAN”S LAW (Concussion Resources, choose applicable age)