Stratford Sabrecats

Registration & Fees

What does membership include for you?

  • Experienced and trained coaches with decades of experience in high level athletic programs.
  • Access to different training facilities at a variety of locations in Stratford and St. Marys.
  • Club T-shirt.  After all, we are excited to be Sabrecats, so we wear it proudly!
  • Custom club clothing orders.
  • A variety of competitive experiences depending on your goals and skill level.
  • Competitive memberships have ALL meet entries covered by the club.
  • A new athletic family to improve and excel with!

General Information

Our Track and Field Events programming offers kids the opportunity to join one, or two different groups to train hard to gain skill and success, and have fun with specific events.  These groups work towards proficiency and skill development with a possible eye on competitive experiences.  We aim to build confidence, skills and work to goal set with athletes to accomplish success specific to each athlete. 

We offer Sprints, Hurdles, High Jump, Horizontal Jumps, Endurance events and Throws.  We also offer Pole Vault for those interested in a high flying challenge.

Our Junior Development Group gives kids from ages 6-8 experience in all aspects of track and field.  Our Jr group has a ton of fun, tries all kinds of track and field events and works to gain skill and fitness.  This group practices from late April to the end of July.

Our Senior Development Group is for kids aged 9-11,  and provides the opportunity to experience many different events, so they get a more varied experience in track and field, while also working more on technical skills.  This group builds confidence through hard work and goal setting.  This group practices from mid April to the end of July.

Then of course we have our Open Event Groups for ages 12 and up.  More of a dedicated focus on skill and technical development, long term goal-setting, while still offering the chance to try different events in track and field.  We support athletes in mental preparation, nutrition information, and of course much technical work.   These groups practice from early April to early August. 

Our Cross Country group takes a couple weeks off from the track season, and then they are back to it until mid-November.


We firmly believe that athletics should be accessible to all!  As such we have made every effort to create competitive fees for Sabrecats membership that offers many benefits to you and your family.  We also offer sibling discounts for families that have more than one child looking to run, jump or throw with us.

We have posted our 2024 fees!  If you are interested in joining us for 2024, please send us an email, and we will definitely be in touch!

If you have any questions about fees, feel free to reach out for any clarification!

With your online Registration, you are required to read the following information:

ROWAN”S LAW (Concussion Resources, choose applicable age)